World-class designers

We will create an original design that matches your vision. Preciosa works with world-class designers.

Graphic design

We will prepare a design proposal within 14 days.

Individual approach

We approach each contract individually. It makes no difference whether we work together on just one unique trophy or cooperate long-term.

Be inspired

A unique cut crystal trophy made of Bohemian crystal, where the dominant feature is the result of a traditional Czech glassmaking technique.

A Bohemian crystal trophy, where 3D laser technology has been used to create the parrot in the prism. The coloured leaves have been madeusing water-jet cutting technology.

The winner’s trophy for the Stardance 2019 dance competition. Yet another trophy polished to perfection from the workshop of PRECIOSA.

This original crystal trophy, which represents the small fragments of the many stories which are played out on our planet, has been made for a unique film festival. The trophy‘s dominant feature is the result of a traditional cutting technique.

A custom-made crystal award created for the internationally renowned gentleman´s lifestyle magazine, GQ, as part of its Man of the Year contest. The trophy is decorated with 6000 cut stones, which have been glued on by hand. Waterjet cutting technology was used on the letters.

The crystal trophy designed by Stefan Milkov was produced for the SOUNDTRACK PODĚBRADY festival of music and multimedia. This stylised, winged figure of a Muse with a head inspired by the design of small computer speakers was made from combined molten glass.

Technical perfection

Our work reflects 70 years of experience of one of the biggest glassmaking companies in the world. The precise workmanship inherent in our products is a combination of the skill of our glassmakers and innovative technologies.

From the Crystal Valley into the whole world

We have been bringing the glass industry new ideas for combining colours and glass or crystal components. We melt 40 tonnes of glass each day. Our passion for glass and an unbroken tradition reaching all the way back to 16th century master glassmakers have made us one of the most renowned glass companies in the word.

Our craft is admired by people in more than 140 countries around the world. Our offices range from the USA to China. We are the only company in the word to offer the smallest machine-cut synthetic rock 0.5 mm in size.

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Team for creating your perfect trophy

Jan Kocour

General Manager

Tereza Rudolfová

Head of Special Projects Department

Jitka Ryšavá

Head of Design Department

Kristina Najmanová

Project Manager

Stanislava Procházková


Veronika Součková


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Tereza Rudolfová

Your business partners deserve the best. Unique gifts made of Bohemian crystal by Preciosa.